The Best Gin Made in Mpumalanga ( The Dollie ) Gin and Company

We have reached that time of the year of last minute deadlines and dwindling energy thanks to December holidays. Many of us cannot wait for weekends to happen, dread the rest of the week, deal with traffic- sadly to do it all over again every week. Well, how about we add an exciting feature to it- gin!

Situated in Whiteriver Nelspruit, Casterbridge Lifestyle Center offers the best lunch spots which you can always enjoy ranges of gin that come with it and it pleases me to say, the menus have a wide range of Mpumalanga made Gins and wines.

Here are a few selection of Gins to try:

The Dollie (Blueberry & Pimento Infusion): This magenta coloured gin has a sweet and spicy aromatic flavor accompanied by intense aroma for your tasting pleasure. Best served over ice with tonic water and sprig of thyme. Add a bit of fresh blueberries or figs for more flavor.

The Dollie (Strawberry & Wild Basil Infusion): This luscious pink drink has a distinct Anita offering a refreshing indulgence, best served over ice with tonic water and a slice of fresh cucumber.

The Dollie (Rooibos & Lemongrass infusion): If Amber is your colour, then this drink is for you! This gin is full bodied with woody and grassy tones accompanied by notes of citrus. Best served to kick the boots out of you, in a good way. Just add a sprig on rosemary and slice of citrus for that throat hitting sensation.

I personally would recommend the Strawberry Wild Basil infusion Dollie because it matches my personality oh a hard working girl who like strong enough drinks for my drinking pleasure #ProudlySouthAfricanDrink

So I am proud to call DOLLIE & Co. a distinctive and highly recommended choice of gin and you should try yourself one.

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