Clarissa Pinkola Estes once said “We are all filled with longing for the wild . There are few cultural sanctioned antidotes for this yearning . We were taught to feel shame for such desire . We grew our hair long and used it to hide our feelings. But the shadow of wild woman still lurks behind us during our days and nights. No matter where we are, the shadow that trots behind us is definitely four-footed”.

I remember when my mother decided to let go of my father . I was around 12 , 13 years old at that time .  A day before the big fight , my mother woke me up around 12 midnight and we sat by the stairs outside our house . The  moon as full as if God himself was looking down on us . She didn’t say anything we just sat there for hours looking at the moon , without her saying anything I could see her pain in her eyes the betrayal , the anger she was feeling , the hurt , no one could ever understand what she was going through except for herself . She pulled me in and looked at me and said to me Sicelo the most important thing in your life is God and your dreams. So many things my mother has taught me , but the one thing she always made sure I understood is to put myself first before anyone.She showed me how to access the power of the wild woman.

As a young girl with all the things I was going through made me resent  the idea of being a woman, being a mother , a wife , a friend and everything in between . Five years later and didn’t life teach me a lesson . The more I grew older, the more I started to learn to mindfully  let go of the overly positive woman . Finding that being good , being sweet, being nice will not cause life to sing. I am starting to acknowledge these unequivocally. By making the best  relationships one can with the worst parts of oneself. Letting the pressure build between who one is taught to be and who one really is. Ultimately working towards letting the old self die and the new intuitive self be born.


As you grow to become a woman it doesn’t really matter whether a woman’s concerns and aspirations are personal or global. Before all else,every action begins with strengthening the spirit . I learnt the way to  maintain ones connection to the wild is to ask yourself what is it you want, what are you hungry for, what do you long for, what do you wish for now, what do you crave for and what do you desire are the most important questions to ask yourself. The process is beautiful for everyone . Every scare , every mountain , every mile shows you your power, the power of a wild woman. The things we should never forget.As women we are strong when we stand with another soul. When we are with others, we cannot be broken . Always understand that the process of remaining conscious, and particularly of not giving in to distracting appetites while trying to elicit psychic connection, is a long process, and one that is difficult to hold to. Connect to the power of the wild woman ,connect to the woman who runs with wolves.



WHITE.  Can’t go wrong with white. HSEOFBESPOKEWH never disappoints when it comes to comfortability and colours friendly to the eye.

This dress is the definition of ying and yang. You can easily dress it up or down. I personally paired it up with some pink nude sandal high heel with a red bottom and accessorised it with a cute choker from MRS ROGERO just to create that natural feel and friendly feel to the look.

Summer is already here so its the time to be drawn to the pastel colours, whites, pinks and nudes; somehow these colours make you feel all happy and easy on the eye. It’s a ready on the go dress.

The Cotton tunic dress doesn’t only come in white but also in a sand colour, talk about double the fun. This style is thus most convenient and really needed for everyday simplicity.

Keeping the look feminine and fun, I kept my makeup natural with a hint of purple shimmer and a small cat eye to bring a bit of some sexy to the look.

So for these holidays, you’ll have your perfect summer fresh look. You can come down to HSE OF BESPOKE  44TH Stanley Millpark #beelegantbeyoubebespoke



Pink dress Wednesday is that day when you know you want to walk in a room and slay . Thank heavens I found one dress that I can slay real good and make heads turn . The fabric is so  soft that  it soothes    the body . The lace so detailed so mature ,  kinda makes you feel like a lady .  HSE OF BESPOKE did a great job with this design .  I  know  I have curves for days. Sometimes they just pop out at the most unnecessary times  . Well in this dress my curves are embraced … yes I said it embraced . Bespoke  especially for me .

Take a second and look at this dress and ask yourself SLAY ??????? …….. YESSSSSSS .  Designer Waseefa Hutton kept it modest , sophisticated and fun .  This lace dress fits for all kinds of women This is a go to dress for any occasion , from weddings to lunch with friends . It is comfortable dressed up or dress down . This is my kind of go to dress .

Be Elegant, Be You ,  Be bespoke


For Generation and Generation there has been conflict over the duties of a women . Women in this society are seen as passive individuals . In today’s society not much has changed there are plenty of people (men and women ) , who feel women’s place is in the home . This is one of the many value assumptions that people think women duties are for many years . I considered my hone to be a strong threshold . As I grew older I have become more and more like the two most important women in my life , the ones that  raised me . My mother and grandmother , both different , strong willed and truly remarkable . Ever since I can remember my mother and grandmother worked hand in hand to provide and groom me to be the women I am today . They have both taught me how to be independent and that whatever the heart desires no body will give it to you except yourself , so you got to fight for what u desire .

Watching my grandmother become the women that she has always been . A leader and a mother of all . She has shown me a powerful side of being a woman . My mother the most humble and down to earth women . She possesses the qualities of a the soft side of a woman . Her grace and  her selflessness ,  like most woman who balance many roles , her love for people makes me love her even more . Both my mother and grandmother have qualities I have inherited from each of them . They have shown me the strength a woman . The endurance of pain , stress and hardships , both mentally and physically . Juggling a lot of roles being a doctor , nurse , policeman , psychologist,  father , mother , brother , sister friend and a mother of all . I have been taught that teaching a women you teach a nation .