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How to purchase your perfect diamond ring, 18 Carat style.

Have you seen how much diamonds have boomed over the centuries, as they have been used as the luxury form of accessory.

Its been quiet a ride!

18 Carat seems to have been working in overdrive to create stunning and interesting engagement and fashion accessory rings built around oval , round , square shaped centre stones. They have done a great job.

Its great to see the flood fresh and new ideas. 18 Carats every ring designs are fantastic shape choice for the type of style you desire from the centre stone too colour designs.

I personally love having options for my jewellery- the different diamonds shapes the better. Sometimes having one accessory isn’t enough for. So why settle for one when you can have a whole range.

I have learnt to understand that diamonds are expensive. No way around that.

Regardless of your budget, some understanding and effort can ensure your getting as much diamonds as possible, this could be your best investment.

Selecting the best diamonds isn’t easy and that is why I work hand in hand with 18 Carat to create the best quality ring for myself, that matches my personality and sense of style.

In the past couple of months 18 Carat helped me understand the terminologies of selecting the perfect rings for my collections. This is how , 18 Carat focuses on the 4C’s Model : Cut , Colour , Clarity and Carat. Each one of the Cs has a range that indicates the quality ( according to price ) of specific characteristics.

Carat : The size of the diamond

Colour : The different ranges of colours

Clarity : All diamonds have impurities. Some you can see with the naked eye, others not at all. The clarity is graded taking the following into consideration: where the impurities and imperfections are located ,the number of them and their size. Every diamond is unique and has its own clarity fingerprint

Cut : Diamonds cut Is often confused with the diamond shape ( Round, Oval , square ) . Its all craftsmanship


To have your own diamond rings designed and tailor made for you , you can go on to the link below to have a lifetime opportunity of investing in something unique and magnificent.


Take Care

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18 Carat Lover of Pearl

My love for pearls has become my
Maddiction, because of one elegant fact. Did you know , when pearls become part of European culture, some countries even passed law saying that only nobility could wear them? What makes them unique, you ask? They are the only gemstones made by animals. Pearls are created inside mollusks when they deposit a layer of calcium carbonate around a microscope irritant. These mollusks use what we call “mother of pearls ” to produce the calcium.  


Mother of Pearls is the same material mollusks use to create their shells. It takes between eighteen months to five years to produce a single pearl from it’s first creation to remolding it’s imperfections to what we see today in stores and that beautiful women is what makes pearls so valuable. 

When looking for the best pearls, always bare in mind that they are not all created equal. 18 Carat specializes in the creative process by making sure you have the bespoke feel to the jewelry that makes you who you are.

18 Carat Jewellery Store also specialises on helping you select the perfect pearls for you, by helping you to know what to look for when purchasing pearls.

Not all pearls are the same quality, and not all pearls are the same type. There are many points to consider if you’re looking to make a purchase including :
Cultured vs. Natural
Pearl Surface
Pearl Luster

Price Range
Is the pearls real or fake



June Sparkles with 18 Carat

My June is all about sparkles and that’s what my partnership with 18 Carats is bringing this season with their new African handmade jewelry that is sophisticated and authentic.

This season, we are putting our focus on the importance of jewelry as an accessory to the wardrobe and this has a personal sentiment right now in my life.

Every piece of 18 Carat is inspired by wealth, prosperity and glamour and being able to have custom made rocks is a representation of timeless style and individual personality to both the buyer and the jeweler.

Hand made by Helmet Muller, a jeweler born in a small Bavarian District in Germany- all his pieces are made to suits each any personal taste. His vast experience has also allowed him to be able to give advice on gemstones and diamonds for any lifestyle and budget, the kind of expertise you want when picking jewelry you want to wear timelessly.

I am excited that we both share the love for the African bush and this will be seen in his textures and designs- for me specifically, I will be showing off what it is to be proudly African without saying a word.