HSE OF BESPOKE : Tailored Resurrection – Bringing Sexy Back

What a more poetic way to start my Tailored Resurrection style series than to wear one of my favorite colors Burgundy ( Faux Leather )  during a beautiful spring collection similar African hues : a symbolic celebration of the designers style and for my personal style . Some may think its hot because it looks like leather but its actually Faux Leather so its lighter on the body and feels good .

This style is for that strong phenomenal women in you . I personally wanted a style that reflects my personality . This dress is perfect for work and for going out – the soft faux of the dress makes it more easier on the body . I have paired this dress with my favorite  Burgundy and gold shoes from ALDO . The length of the dress couldn’t be better it covers the knees so that gives you that sophisticated look . 

I hope you have enjoyed my reading my post , I have been so fortunate to be involved in blogging for HSE  OF BESPOKE . 

I consider myself to be more like a style chameleon with my different sides but sharing the same essence – unique , personal , constantly evolving with class. 

The rule I have always abide by in my fashion style is that ” Simplicity is the key to Elegance ” . It is about embracing your sexy side , embracing those African Curves and still staying elegant and classy . Embracing your inner and outer beauty , embracing who you are as an African women . I have uncovered so many ways to express myself through fashion than I have ever before . 

This style is available on http://www.hseofbespoke.com  . If you relate to this style please do share 

Thank you 🙂




I am a usually a Black on Black kinda girl . Winter has just left the building , ain’t it a nice time to pop some color . I have been blessed to work with such an amazing designer  URBAN ROSE from HSE OF BESPOKE : clothing so elegant and classy , that gives you a feel of women empowerment .

My dream was always to become  an influential person . Art  and being a business women has opened my platform  in so many ways to express who I am  and what I am becoming  . Verbal expression hasn’t been my strongest point but  I have found ways to express myself in ways that sometime I wonder WTF is that me . My journey has just  begun and I have a lot to learn. The one thing  I learnt is that life isn’t about becoming its about unbecoming .

Once you learn the fundamentals of life which is PATIENCE , CONSISTENCY AND UNBECOMING   – YOU OWN YOUR STORY .

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New season = new style ! And what a better way to welcome spring , with a totally new look , that brings out your sexy , colorful and feminine side ; All from http://hseofbespoke.com/  . To name a few ; A painted over sized olive and gold  top     from HUMAN IMAGE that gives you a fun feel to art and fashion ; cream white pants from GKD Designs  to bring out that inner lady in you ,  and a beautiful traditional bag with gold embroidery  from One Of Each to bring you that traditional but sophisticated look .

I am usually a no print kind of girl but , this kind of style just allows me to be a little bit more spontaneous you know , be a bit more risky with the patterns and colors . I feel like i can get away with it this time around.

I like this new style , I want to show it off a bit more . Being an on the go kind of lady can sometimes minimize you from having a little more fun with fashion . This style is my kinda sophistication with a hint of fun . The top is only available in this color , however you could you could style it in a variety of your choice . You can also get the pants in black and navy blue , you know the fun you can have with that ;the bags in an assortment of colors and patterns . Don’t limit yourself – the possibilities are endless .

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